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    A fascinating portrait of the inner workings of one of the world’s most intriguing companies, Microsoft, and a set of recommendations for its future from one of its most high-­‐profile and secretive executives, former Senior VP Joachim Kempin.
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Hearing the Blues

After getting hold of a leaked new Windows 8 version recently, several media outfits are reporting that incremental changes for Windows 8 are on the horizon. According to their discoveries, these can be expected to modify IE and the Metro interface, and how it interacts with the traditional desktop design. My take on this: So … Continue reading

“Resolve and Fortitude” by Joachim Kempin

Hans Henrik Hoffmann March 17, 2013 via “Resolve and Fortitude” by Joachim Kempin.

What To Do With Microsoft? Chop Up The Borg — Now

After a decade of missing lots of key growth opportunities and finding itself outpaced by competitors taking away market share, Microsoft’s board should have felt compelled to investigate much earlier why the company has fallen behind and demanded structural adjustments. Bill Gates is the chairman of Microsoft’s board, a title he retained after he left … Continue reading

The Road Ahead (or is it behind us?)

The PC industry undoubtedly is in trouble! Is there any company, which could ultimately step up and make an attempt to prop it up or is this  already a lost cause? Declining sales numbers, in a currently shaky economy, are not the only reasons for grave concern. Hurting the industry most, are ever advancing smartphones … Continue reading

Opinions from people who read Resolve and Fortitude

As an author, I am always anxious to find out if I met readers’ expectations. Today, I am very pleased to report that my ratings on Amazon are very encouraging: Four people rated the book five stars out of five and six others gave it a four star rating. In addition to these Amazon reviews, … Continue reading

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